6 km
Prevailing environment
Countryside: fields and villages
Predominant coating
Asphalt streets and dirt roads

Starting from the Place du Val in Houtain-le-Val, this 6km signposted walk takes you on a picturesque journey through the countryside and its farms, chapels, castles, barns and mills. At the end of the walk, don’t hesitate to stop at « Chez Ginette » to have a bite, to eat and taste a succulent beer from the region.

Estimated time: 1h 45

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An Audio Tour is now available for this walk on the free application izi.TRAVEL. You will find the route, visual and audio indications of the itinerary, and of course the written and audio guide of the points of interest encountered along the way!

  • Download the app on your smartphone and search for the walk.


  • Scan the QR code


Maps are available at the Relais du visiteur. Adress: rue de Bruxelles, 38, 1470 Genappe.


Photography: © T. Scarnière, © M. Vandergoten, © F. Deorino

Total distance: 5780 m
Download file: Fermesetchâteaux.gpx

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Liste des réclamations: Farms and Castles- Houtain-le-Val

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