The project in a few words

To develop in Genappe a new shared and unifying place, open to all, to cultivate creativity, citizen initiatives and share skills.

To offer a 150-seat auditorium and convivial spaces to host various cultural, civic, associative or private activities (meetings, workshops, rehearsals, shows, conferences, assemblies, co-working spaces, etc.).

To develop a place that gives pride of place to all the arts and more particularly to the puppet arts.

To animate a place on a participative way of functioning where each citizen can be a force of proposal and invest in it: collaborative zero waste grocery shop « Les P’tits Pots », citizen bar, cine-club, repair-café, meetings of Genappe en Transition,…

A place supported by the City of Genappe, the Province of Walloon Brabant, the GAL Pays des 4 Bras and the Friends of Monty, a precious band of enthusiastic and committed citizens.

Our missions

Developed in a participatory spirit, the project aims to be a place of alternative culture, a convivial place open to the city where all the arts can develop: the performing arts, the plastic arts, the 7th art, but also the arts of the table. And quite simply the art of living or the art of being together. Beyond its cultural vocation, the place is a « Third Place », favouring encounters between people and varied skills which do not necessarily have to cross paths. A place that is a vector of social transformation that would bring together citizen initiatives working for a fairer and more environmentally friendly society. The place is also intended to be a showcase for eco-design, encouraging the use of ecological or reusable materials.

In addition to the current activities, others should be created, such as the creation of a co-working space, the setting up of a « resto-cantine » promoting local products, a storage place for local producers, the installation of a rehearsal room on the roof, a place of artistic residency…

In order to animate this place, the non-profit organisation Le Monty supports Le Tof to mobilise and bring together the citizens who are actors of the place and other sympathisers.

The « Shared rural spaces » project

In partnership with the GAL Pays des 4 Bras, the non-profit association Le Monty is working to develop a viable operating model in the medium term. The association is also committed to making Le Monty a « pilot third place » and to supporting the establishment of other third places in the three communes of the GAL (Genappe, Villers-la-Ville, Les Bons Villers).


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