Because we have all dreamed of adventure one day, because our child’s soul is still inside us… discover geocaching! An unusual activity that can accompany you on your walks, runnings or bike rides.

The principle is simple: any citizen can hide a small treasure and register his cache on the website . The site lists all the caches in the world and reveals clues and riddles to help you set off on your adventure.

… the biggest treasure hunt in the world!

The size of the caches can vary: there are micro caches that are no larger than a box of photo film, small caches that are the size of small food boxes and large caches that use large capacity containers. The caches contain a small guest book in which walkers can attest to their visit. Some caches also contain treasures such as figurines, toys or shells. Geo seekers are free to take a treasure and deposit a new one in exchange. In short, there’s nothing to gain except a bit of adrenaline and a good dose of fun!

Feel like giving it a try? The Genappe library and the Relais du visiteur offer you “Genappe-caching”! Armed with your smartphone and a map, go in search of the 10 caches hidden in the commune of Genappe. Each cache contains a juicy story about the village and its heritage. Beware, the stories are not suitable for the youngest ears of Genappe!

Want to participate? Come and get your free map at the Relais du visiteur or at the Genappe library

or download your map below ⤵

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