100% family treasure hunts in the four corners of the Pays des 4 Bras

Did you know that the Pays des 4 Bras has many treasures? Bzzz the little fly is the only one who knows them all. With the help of a walking booklet full of riddles and little games, set off to conquer the villages of our beautiful territory to discover all its secrets! If you manage to answer his questions, Bzzz will even tell you how to open the treasure box!

Do you want to become a treasure collector too?

Come and get your booklets for free at the Relais du visiteur in Genappe, at the Syndicat d’initiatives de Villers-la-Ville or at local shops from 7 August 2020!

One treasure is worth another… To be able to take a treasure from the Pays des 4 Bras, each little adventurer will have to put another one in the box to delight the next discoverer. No need for gold or silver, a little something is enough (a trinket, an old button, a pretty stone…).

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